New Year is coming and people get crowd not only with others but also get crowded with their own mind. Why? People knew that when a year comes to end it is automatically drives them to come to a realisation what that Year brought to them in 365 day, rather to realise what they did to bring the whole year to its best.

 According tho The Forbes, it is favourite culture to American to make self-improvement, even though only 40% of all americans make New Year Resolution, and only a tiny friction keep up the New Year Resolution, University of Scranton research suggest 8% of them achieve their New Year’s goals.

New Year Resolution is a term we often hear in few days before a year

ends. Some make this accustomed to their routine, but some just ignore. But what I see is there is no point force someone that is not accustomized to make New Year Resolution when they don’t understand the point of doing that, they know the point of doing that, but they don’t understand.

The origin Latin word of Resolution is “Resolutinem” means process of reducing things into simpler form”
In past participle is “resolvere” means loose or release, then translates in English resolve.
Many thinks that new Year resolution is making new goals to be successful in the new upcoming year. While they make new plans, they forgetting last year goals that hanging resolve behind, “Reaching for a new start”. This cycle become habit if continues to be conducted every year. Is it wrong, well it happens because we don’t really understand what is “resolution” is.
Resolution is to finish the unsolve matter by strategy. We need to realise, something unsolved is not only because the time is end, but actually we left it behind because we found no other way to solve it. Everyone left something behind each year, and thats normal to think when we want to do a new start. But it is not normal, if what we leave behind an unsolved goals. Why? Because goals is something bring us to the next level in life, and ask yourself, what level we will get if we continously left our unachieved or unsolved goals.
So what is New Year Resolution means? It is actually a strategy. Resolutinem again is process of reducing things into simpler form. First point is the word of “process”. You don’t rush New Year Resolution. You start at the end of the year, maybe in the last month, don’t rush, but take it seriously and wide generally. Take times. a year goal facing a year challenges, complications, success, opportunity and obstacles. SO over times everything tangles together. It is hard to strain which success, or complication or obstacles one by one if it just like super big tangled matters. And all that lead us to the thought “This thing doesn’t work”, and then we left it behind.
Resolutinem is a process to reducing thins to simpler things. The only thing that is not working is how the complication make everything tangled, so we sit calmly, take times we need to pick out what complication make it tangled, strains one by one and put it into objective. There are always things that we can make it simpler. Take out everything that interfere our focus, mixing our intention, anxiety caused by future projectory and stealing our times. Those four definitely make things tangled. After you take out those, look how simple your original idea is.
How to do this? Contemplate. Take your time alone, take pause, pull out notes, make check lists, you need it.
New Year Resolution, is realising which previous goals or plan that is not achieved or finished yet. Don’t left it behind and rush to make new goals and plan. Wait, how do you think you can always success in new goals and new plan if you actually never have any goals or plan achieved because you set it only for a year and then if it’s not working you just come up with the new goals and plan.
People created by God as a solution being. Inside there are seeds of determination. We are vision creature that supposed to have ideas, strategise it, running it, and if problems come up we resolve it, and continued with better strategy we analysed from previous problems.
Wait, keep your pace slower, sit if you need, contemplate, recalculate, sort it from everything that interfere our focus, mixing our intention, anxiety caused by future-projectory and stealing our times to simpler things. When the year change into the new one, you know what to do to make your previous plan works. See how your “not so new goals” and plan continue runs better to take you to a new levels of life.
It is better to climb up to upper levels of live with one long term goal, rather than always having a new goals in the same levels of life.
New Year Resolution is to slower your pace and contemplate.
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