Seratus Kapas is genuinely born through stories of life that define our existence. The language she uses spoken by the silhouette, the material and the colour she experienced. Every silhouette is the translation of every story, every fabric has their own time, and every colour sings the song of a persona. Every piece in her collection has a story to tell you. Now comfort makes friends with her and agrees upon all stories to run along together.



 Here we are now, give you a comfort for every story.


Our main fabrics are Linen and Cotton. We choose raw fabric of linen and cotton manufacture to begin with for Seratus Kapas. Great fabrics like our natural fabrics deserve special process to help them bring their best value. We treat them with traditional pre-washed and dyeing process .We believe that involve more in processes, produce greater value for our goods.


One of our value that makes us unique is we dye our own colours traditionally. We formulate them hand in hand by nature inspirations. All the traditional dyeing process starts from RFD (Ready For Dye) fabric, which is known as raw fabric. We even dye our own white, black and indigo colour. These process bounds our soul and passion beautifully and translated into the feels and looks of our products.


A manufacturing process brings goods to another level. It structures a form that explain all the ideas into existence. A pattern maker knows how to treat the fabric effectively and accordingly to fabric character. A skilful cutter appreciates fibres along his knowledge about beauty and shaping, so when he cuts, the fabric would not be harm technically and aesthetically. Now the dressmaker is the fairy god mother who sews all the elements together. She adores our construction on the idea, and she makes it happen. A manufacture is one of our core family, we plan, we create and live the beauty together.


Seratus Kapas believes in natural beauty, where style shall not only glimpse of the eyes, yet also felt on skin. Founded in 2015, the Seratus Kapas label is the marriage of delicate process fabrics and design celebrating the richness of traditional Indonesia’s everyday life in creating sustainability and inspirational experience along the journey of our process. Inspired by so many stories of different souls, a mother that tries to take care all youngster, a beauty curve who feels so comfort in her own skin and never leave the style concept behind, three best friends who describe life differently, and stacks of poems whispering nature and love, which have redefined the word “story” in unique way. Seratus Kapas is a story teller.

Seratus Kapas believes that treasuring knowledge and valuing any process are actually not only keeping it but also share it. We share it through many ways, every garment of ours telling different stories. We are sharing  our process of our product to influence others about handmade or manmade process  that preserves original value of products. And more of that, it is always nice to add up our knowledge in any area. Seratus Kapas works with factories that focus on their speciality, craftmanship, artist, traditional and home base industries. We are working with traditional process and manual techniques, and help the people and the goods worth at its best. We works half the process of our goods out of Java, according to facts of Indonesia’s garment industry, 90% of garment factory located inside the island of Java. We supports the supply chains outside of Java, for the traditional craftsmanship outside of Java deserve the same portion of opportunity.


The People Behind Seratus Kapas
Founder / Creative Director

Yadnya Seni

Founder behind the Seratus Kapas fashion brand.


Ida Ayu Widi Wahyuni

Co-founder of Seratus Kapas Brand